Soft Light | © 2015 Grace Anne Vergara

Soft Light | © 2015 Grace Anne Vergara


It has been almost two months since I last posted but hasn’t been for nothing. Although I’ve been shooting, it’s been mostly for practice and not for posting. It’s important for me to continue to grow whether it be as an artist, an entrepreneur, or just as a person. This summer was spent doing just that.

This summer, I’ve been developing my lighting modification skills and learning new systems and setups. Since owning a dream studio is a way down the road, I wanted to learn how to artificially create natural light that looked like it was shot in a giant white room enveloped with floor-to-ceiling windows. It took many attempts and the trial and error of multiple modifiers but I am happy to say that I can now create this light in spaces that are the exact opposite of a dream studio.

This soft light has wrapping effect on texture and color and is often preferred in today’s style of food and product photography. To be able to create it even when I’m not shooting in an ideal studio space is a personal accomplishment. I’m glad to check it off my list of goals for creative growth – one of the many ways I grew in my time away from blogging.

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